Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Structure 

Corporate governance

The management of SSH is based on the applicable legislation in the Republic of Slovenia, internal legal documents and on good practices in corporate governance. The company has a two-tier corporate governance system with the Management Board running the company and the Supervisory Board providing for the control and supervision of the Management Board's work. The General Meeting of the Company represents the Republic of Slovenia and the Government represents the Republic of Slovenia on its behalf.

ZSDH-1 - Slovenian Sovereign Holding Act

SSH's bodies are:

General Meeting of Company

Supervisory Board

Management Board

Management Board

Igor Kržan, President of the Management Board
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Igor Kržan holds the University Degree in Economics and has completed an MBA and has extensive experience in the field of running and managing companies. Since last year, he has been a co-owner and a director of Aluplus, d.o.o., and prior to that he held the position of the President of the Management Board of Trimo, d.d., dealing with an intensive corporate restructuring which was completed successfully, providing for a positive turnaround of operations and for the sale of the company. He held several executive functions in Ursa Slovenija, d.o.o. in which he played a major role in restructuring and supervising the restructuring of several companies in Italy, Slovenia, Turkey and Romania. In his career, he also worked in pharmaceutical industry, specifically, for Krka, both in Slovenia and abroad, thus obtaining important international experience. He holds a certificate on being qualified for rendering the services of a Supervisory Board and Management Board member.

Igor Kržan was appointed as the SSH President of the Management Board with one year tenure until the appointment of the new President of the Management Board in accordance with ZSDH-1. Igor Kržan starts his function on 1 April 2019, and from that time onwards, his position as a Supervisory Board Member will be suspended.

Boštjan Koler, Member of the Management Board
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Boštjan Koler holds a university degree in law. In his career, he obtained extensive experience in financial sector: during the period of time when running and supervising banks and companies within banking groups, in the initial phase of the Ljubljanska Banka's restructuring, he was first appointed an Advisor to the NLB's Management Board, then a Director of Small Business Lending Department, which was followed by a position of a Director of Life Insurance Company Project. He led the business processes re-engineering project of LB Zagreb branch network.  

He later continued his career in SKB Bank on a position of an Executive Manager of Branch network and, following the integration of SKB Bank with Société Générale Group, he assumed the position of a Director of a company carrying out the processing of card payment instruments in Slovenia and Serbia. He was also a Member of the Management Board of Technology Park Ljubljana. In 2002, he was invited to a position within the renewed Management Board of SIB Bank, his responsibilities covered retail banking operations, legal affairs, HR and IT. 

Since 2004, for more than 10 years, he held positions of a Management Board Member and President in companies within NLB Group in Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. During this period of time, he led supervisory bodies of NLB Group's affiliates in Slovenia and in the Balkans.  

He was also a mentor, a lecturer and a member of the Exam Committee of the Training Centre of the Bank Association of Slovenia.  

He assumed the function of a Management Board Member on 1 December 2018.

Andrej Božič, Member of the Management Board
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Andrej Božič has graduated in Economics and specialised in a post-graduate study programme - Marketing and Finances - at the Cleveland State University, USA. He has extensive experience in running and managing companies.

Prior to being appointed to the SSH Management Board Member, he held top executive positions in companies in Slovenia and abroad.  Mr. Božič is an expert with international experiences, he was a CEO of Steklarna Hrastnik for seven years, before that he was a Managing Director of Mondi Frohnleiten GmbH, Frohnleiten, Austria, a member of the Mondi Group, and prior to that, he was a Managing Director of Mondi Raubling GmbH, Germany, another member of the Mondi Group.

Mr Božič is fluent in English, German and Croatian, and is a passive speaker of Italian. He participated in additional training programmes organised by the Oxford Academy for or Quantum Leadership Danah Zohar, United Kingdom, and by the Swedish Institute of Management Sitguna, Sweden, to name a few.

Andrej Božič received several awards: in 2017, he received the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia's (CCIS) award for outstanding business and entrepreneurial achievements, and in 2016, the Managers' Association of Slovenia's Award: the Manager of 2016, and in 2015 in London, the European Business Award.

He is a member of the Management Board of the Managers' Association of Slovenia, and a member of the Management Board of the British-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce, in addition to being a member and a former President of the Rotary Club Emona of Rotary International Organisation.

He assumed the function of a Management Board Member on 21 January 2019, for the term of office of 4 years. .

Management Board's Consultation Bodies

Nomination Committee of SSH (KK)

In accordance with the Slovenian Sovereign Holding Act (ZSDH-1) (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 25/2014), the Nomination Committee is the Slovenian Sovereign Holding Management Board's consultation body in charge of performing recruitment procedures related to the recruitment of members of supervisory bodies of state-owned enterprises, the procedures for the candidates ' evaluation and the procedures for their accreditation. 

Members of the Nomination Committe are:

  • Samo Roš, President
  • Urška Podpečan, Deputy President
  • Brigita Vončina, Member

Expert Committee for Economic and Social Affairs (ECESA)

The Expert Committee for Economic and Social Affairs (ECESA) is the Slovenian Sovereign Holding Management Board's consultation body responsible for providing opinions and initiatives related to the economic and social affairs. Opinions and initiatives are adopted at the ECESA sessions that are related to affairs which result or may result in issues concerning the labour law, the company's Articles of Association or have or may have social impacts. ECESA holds the right to inform the public of its viewpoints, when no confidential information regarding SSH or companies managed by SSH are disclosed by such viewpoints, specifically, by means of joint press releases which have been harmonised with the SSH Management Board. 


Composition of ECESA

ECESA is composed of seven representatives of the Slovenia’s representative trade unions and confederations who are members of the Economic and Social Council. The ECESA members are appointed by the trade unions and confederations mentioned above, and their appointment is approved by the SSH Management Board. The term of office of the ECESA members is five years, and the President of ECESA is elected from among the ECESA members by the ECESA members.+


The ECESA members are

  • Lidija Jerkič - the Association of Free Trade Unions of Slovenia; President
  • Zdenko Lorber - the Slovenian Union of Alternative Trade Unions of Slovenia; Deputy President
  • Miroslav Garb - the Confederation of new Trade Unions of Slovenia - Independence
  • Jakob Počivavšek - the Pergam Confederation of Trade Unions
  • Branimir Štrukelj, MSc - the Confederation of Slovenian Public Sector Trade Unions
  • Irena Valenti -  the Confederation of Trade Unions 90 Slovenia
  • Franc Zupanc, the Association of Workers Trade Unions of Slovenia – Solidarity.