Asset Management

Responsible, prudent and efficient management of state capital assets.

Key data for the joint portfolio of capital assets held by RS and SSH

Expected ROE of the joint RS and SSH portfolios for 2022, as stated in Annual Asset Management Plan
ROE of RS and SSH portfolio in 2022 amounted to (Excluding the Energy Pillar, ROE would have amounted to 7.4%; the ROE of the Energy Pillar was negative: -7.8%)
The targeted sum of dividends paid out from RS and SSH portfolio in 2023 (for FY 2022), as stated in Annual Asset Management Plan
EUR 162.6 million
The total sum of dividend income paid to RS (ZPIZ) and SSH in 2023 (for FY 2022)
EUR 175.5 million
Book-value of assets owned by RS and SSH as at 31 December 2022 (as at 31 December 2021, the total book value of assets under SSH management amounted to EUR 10.3 billion)
EUR 11.2 billion
The number of portfolio companies in which capital assets are held by RS and SSH: (Companies not in liquidation or bankruptcy)
The number of employees in companies in which capital assets are held by RS and SSH

Selected data on the management of the portfolios of claims and tangible assets

Inflows from claim management generated in 2022, calculated from the day of the merger with BAMC (1 July 2022)
EUR 55.8 million
Fair-value of claims (transferred from BAMC) as at 31 December 2022
EUR 225.2 million
Inflows from the tangible assets management generated in 2022 (transferred from BAMC), calculated from the day of the merger with BAMC (1 July 2022)
EUR 6.5 million
Book value of tangible assets (transferred from BAMC) as at 31 December 2022 (the estimated market value amounts to EUR 161.4 million)
EUR 103.0 million

Strategic insights

Our strategy, goals and principles on asset management strive for increasing the level of corporate governance. We provide for long-term realisation of economic, national and strategic and sustainable interest of companies owned by SSH and RS. We set strategic and economic and financial target performance indicators for all significant SOEs on an annual basis. The ultimate objective of state-owned enterprises is effective, profitable and economic operation, generation of value, and in many cases, efficient management of duties of specific public interest.


Strategy, Policies, Asset Management Principles

Asset Management Tasks and Methods 

Key SSH Asset Management Documents

Review of Assets under Management

We manage strategic, important and portfolio assets owned by SSH and by RS in a prudent and responsible manner. We invite you to look at the current composition of SSH's and of RS's portfolios, presenting the proportion of individual industries and sectors included in the portfolio and the list of all direct capital assets. We have provided the presentation of TOP20 enterprises under  SSH management by the value of capital assets in the form of brief company presentations and key performance highlights for the preceding year. 

Portfolio Composition

List of Assets

Ensuring performance

Our management of assets is target-oriented. Such management includes some of the following operational tasks: the selection of Supervisory Board members, monitoring and overseeing the operational performance of companies, setting strategic and target economic and financial performance indicators, the development and implementation of good practice in corporate governance and prudent preparation for Annual General Meetings. Results of an active and responsible asset management are finally expressed in the operation of companies and their returns on equity (ROE). We invite you to look at in-depth reports on the asset management carried out in previous years and at thorough review of key operational highlights for companies from individual sectors of the portfolio. You may compare the amounts of dividend-pay outs received by SSH and RS over the past years.


Asset Management Performance