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Purpose of SSH web site

Slovenian Sovereign Holding (SSH) maintains this web site with the aim of improving public access to information in connection with its operation and its mission. The site is designed in a simple and transparent manner, following the widely established standards with as few graphical accessories as possible so that access is also possible in poor technical conditions. 


Limitation of liability and nature of information published on SSH web site

Whilst every effort is made to keep the information up to date, correct and readily understandable, SSH makes no representations or warranties of any kind about the completeness or reliability with respect to the information contained on this website. SSH is not to be held liable for any potential direct or indirect damage, loss of profit or any inconvenience which might be incurred on the part of the user as a result of his/her decision having been made on the basis of his/her trust and confidence in information published on SSH web site. Information is of general nature. It is not addressed to any individual user of this web site and it does not take into account any specific circumstances which might be considered by any individual user. Information published on this website does not constitute the provision of legal or business advice, or, in particular, not any recommendation or advice for any personal investment decision or for any other kind of legal and business action. Users of this web site are advised to verify information published at other suitable sources and, when needed, to consult an expert, prior to making an important or even an irreversible decision on the basis of any piece of information published on this web site. If SSH is alerted to any incomplete pieces of information, they will be removed as fast as possible.

No payment is required by SSH for the access of information published on this web site. All potential notices on copyright and other intellectual property rights must be thoroughly observed and referred to when using this web site.

SSH is in no way bound by any piece of information published on this web site and these do not indicate any conduct or any future business decisions to be made by SSH.

Information published does not include any data from personal databases or, when such data are included, a relevant consent by an individual to whom such data refer to has been granted, or their publication is based on the law.  Pieces of information and data on companies and Groups of companies published on this web site have been obtained from publicly accessible data bases and/or directly from companies, by way of paying full respect to the principle of equal treatment of shareholders with respect to the access to information on company's affairs. Information on this web site does not represent any business secret, confidential data or internal information within the meaning of Article 373 of the Financial Instruments Market Act. The content published on this web site is available to users "as read only" without any hidden meanings or hints, and it is neutral in terms of moral, ethical, religious or any other restraints or expectations.

Any copy of all or individual elements from this web site is subject to prior consent granted by SSH.


Web site security

All available knowledge, the greatest care and all means available are deployed by everybody at SSH in our pursuit for the best possible operation of the web site. However, no responsibility or guarantees shall be assumed for its smooth functioning or for the web security of its users. All users use the web site: www.sdh.si at their own risk. SSH shall not be held liable for any damage suffered on account of any potential loss of data or for any disturbances in accessing data or for any failure on user's hardware or software which might occur when using this web site as a result of technical issues, computer virus infection or anything of a similar nature which is beyond SSH's control.  The web site: www.sdh.si may include links to other web sites of companies and private individuals, operating independently of SSH; SSH assumes no responsibility for their content, form and web security, or for their privacy policy.

Google Analytics is used for statistical analyses made in regard to web usability and visibility.

No special and no secure methods of access for the protection of privacy on communication pathways between the server and users are used.

SSH reserves the right to modify terms and conditions and the disclaimer without any prior notification.