Mission, Vision, Values

Strategic and Management Policies.


By having the State play a significant ownership function in Slovenian companies imposes on SSH a duty to manage state-owned companies in the SSH portfolio in a responsible, professional and active manner. An active ownership means, among other matters, to focus on creating value for owners, that is, for the Republic of Slovenia and SSH. A general objective of state-owned enterprises being managed by SSH is pursuing a profitable, effective and efficient operation of companies, creating value and, in many cases, implementing efficiently tasks related to significant public interest.

SSH also takes part in denationalisation proceedings and provides for a reliable and full settlement of all statutory liabilities due to beneficiaries.

SSH mission in regard to the disposition of capital assets is to manage all processes in a transparent, effective and internationally comparable manner that provides for equal treatment of all investors and strives for maximising the economic impact of the sales of shares of SOEs.

SSH Strategic Policies

Strategic policies are directions selected for coming close to the SSH vision in the next long-term period. They are the foundation for defining the operation of SSH as an integrated organisation with a duty to manage capital assets and perform other tasks.


Transformation is the first direction and the first step which lays down the foundations for achieving the vision.  The main factors of the first direction include:

  • The restructuring of the portfolio of assets under management for achieving objectives laid down in the State Assets Management Strategy.
  • The improvement of the SSH operating model including all factors involved in the model, i.e., the management structure, business processes, human resources, technology, know-how, corporate culture.
  • Providing for professional competence and expertise regarding governance by setting high standards and applying the best practices in the management of enterprise and implementing constant activities for increasing the culture of corporate governance in SSH and companies managed by SSH.


The focus is the second direction which will ensure that sources and energies are directed into factors which will bring the highest value for the owners of capital assets. The main elements of the second direction include:

  • Stabilising the capital assets portfolio after the waves of restructuring and disposition of capital assets by aligning the management structures, planning and risk management with the industries which have been focused on in the portfolio.
  • Increasing and taking of advantage of synergies within the capital assets portfolio and by means of the environment in which SSH operates.

Creating value

Creating value is the most important direction for achieving the SSH vision and the main principle in the operation of SSH. The main impetus of this direction include:

  • Increasing the capital efficiency by an active and efficient management of enterprises and stakeholders in the environment in which the companies operate.
  • Increasing the capital of SSH with the goal of increasing the profitability of the entire portfolio.
  • Implementing activities aiming at the development and improvement of the environment in which SSH operates with the goal of pursuing sustainable operation in social, economic and environmental aspects. 

Vision: Generating value from capital assets for the owner.

SSH Values

The values which from the foundation of SSH operations are inter-related, giving the basis for activities pursued by SSH:

  • integrity and legality,
  • trust and respect,
  • role model leadership and autonomy,
  • objectivity and impartiality.