Corporate History

Significant Milestones and Turning Points.

Corporate History

  • 2022

    The Bank Assets Management Company (BAMC) is merged into the Slovenian Sovereign Holding (SSH)

    Pursuant to Article 36(1) of the Act Regulating Measures of the Republic of Slovenia to Strengthen the Stability of Banks (ZUKSB), the BAMC will cease to exist as a legal entity as of 30 December 2022. Pursuant to Article 36(3) of the said Act, all assets as well as rights and obligations of the BAMC shall be transferred to Slovenian Sovereign Holding on the date of the BAMC’s termination. Acting in the capacity of the BAMC's universal successor, SSH will enter into all legal relationships previously entered into by and between the BAMC and the third parties.

    By acquiring the BAMC, SSH has also acquired two new business activities; specifically, the claims management and the management of immovable and movable assets. 

  • 2014

    Slovenian Sovereign Holding Act ("ZSDH-1")

    Slovenian Sovereign Holding was established with the entry into force of ZSDH-1 on 26 April .2014, by taking over the powers and obligations of Slovenska odškodninska družba (SOD). The change of the corporate name (from Slovenska odškodninska družba into Slovenian Sovereign Holding) was registered in the Court/Business Register on 11 June 2014, simultaneously with the modification of the Articles of Association. Slovenian Sovereign Holding ("SSH") thus took over the powers and obligations of SOD and continued to pursue the management of capital assets owned by SOD and the Republic of Slovenia. In addition to tasks stipulated by this Act, SSH exercises all powers, responsibilities, rights and obligations held by SOD prior to the company transformation.

  • 2012

    Slovenian Sovereign Holding Act ("ZSDH")

    with the entry into force of ZSDH, AUKN ceased to exist. The management of capital assets of the Republic of Slovenia which were managed by AUKN until the entry into force of this Act was now conducted by the Management Board of SOD. With the date of the entry into force of this Act, SOD took over employees employed at AUKN who had carried out tasks under the law regulating the management of capital assets of the Republic of Slovenia.

  • 2010

    Management of Assets Owned by the Republic of Slovenia Act

    provided for the establishment of Capital Assets Management Agency of the Republic of Slovenia ("AUKN” or “the Agency") which started with its operation on 1  December 2010. The Agency was responsible for autonomous, independent and professional pursuit of procedures for the management of assets owned by the Republic of Slovenia.

  • 2000

    Public Fund Act

    the corporate name of the Slovene Compensation Fund which was established under the Slovene Compensation Fund Act was changed into Slovenska odškodninska družba, d.d., (SOD) which continued the work of the Fund under this name.

  • 1996

    Decree on Bond Issue

    and Decision Implementation regarding decisions on compensation liable to be paid by Slovene Compensation Fund  -  upon a request of holders of paper bonds, the latter were exchanged for bonds issued in dematerialised form since all subsequent bond series were issued as dematerialised securities. Up until the fourth series, inclusive, the bond  was issued with the SOS2 symbol in denominations of DEM 100. By way of the Decision on the fifth issue of Slovenian Compensation Fund bonds, bonds were issued in denominations of EUR 51.13, carrying the SOS2E symbol. For satisfying the Fund's obligations, eight series of bonds were issued with the total number of 18,700,000 bonds of which 17,270,471 SOS2E bonds were transferred to the holders' accounts.

  • 1995

    Decision on the issue of the first series of Slovene Compensation Fund bonds

    1st series of bonds was issued on 1 January 1995 in the form of paper bonds.

  • 1993

    Slovene Compensation Fund Act

    As of the day of entry into force of the Slovene Compensation Fund Act, on 19 February 1993, the Slovene Compensation Fund was established

    • The founder: the Republic of Slovenia
    •  Activities pursued by the Fund
    • The  Fund is a financial organisation established for settling liabilities due to beneficiaries under the Denationalisation Act, the Cooperatives Act and other regulations governing the denationalisation of property.
    •  Assets for covering the Fund's obligations
    • the Fund issued bonds and other securities and managed and disposed of securities and other assets obtained in accordance with the Slovene Compensation Fund and other laws.