Responsible approach towards Dividend Policy

Dividends for 2019

The amount of dividends paid out to RS (including ZPIZ) and SSH for FYs 2015-2019 and dividend-to-equity ratio


In 2020, RS and SSH will receive the total of EUR 85.9 million of dividends. The lower sum of dividends paid out, as compared to the target value, which was set at EUR 142.4 million in AAMP 2020, is the result of the COVID-19 pandemic and tighter business conditions. These have been reflected in poorer performance results achieved by some companies in 2020 and in the worsening of their financial situation. The lower amount of dividend pay-outs is also the result of restrictions adopted for 2020 by regulatory institutions, in connection with their payment by banks and insurance companies.There will also be no dividends from NLB, SIJ, Pošta Slovenije and from some other smaller portfolio companies.. Some companies have reduced their dividend pay-outs (Telekom Slovenija, electricity distribution companies) whereas in some exceptional cases (Krka, Gen energija), dividend income is to exceed the plan as a result of very good performance results achieved in 2020. 


The highest dividend payers for RS and SSH for FY 2019 (paid out in 2020) - by pillars under management and by individual companies (without insurances and banks)