Responsible approach towards Dividend Policy

Dividends for 2021

The total sum of dividends paid out in 2021 (for FY 2020) increased significantly compared to the preceding year and was higher than expected for the reported year. The lower amount of dividend income paid out in 2020 (for FY 2019) was the result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and tightened business conditions which affected  the operations of some companies. The lower amount of dividend pay-outs was also the result of restrictions which regulatory institutions imposed on banks and insurance companies in connection with their distribution of profit in 2020. Regulators relaxed the conditions applicable to banks and insurance companies as regarded dividend pay-outs in 2021. As a result, banks and insurance companies were able to distribute their profits.


Dividend pay-outs in EUR for assets owned by RS and SSH presented separately by years (for previous financial year)


Companies from the Financial Pillar, closely followed by Economy and Tourism pillar,which recorded an almost equal proportion of dividend income from the total dividend income, were the largest dividend payers in 2021. Companies from the Energy sector are on the third place among the largest dividend payer, while the lowest share of dividend income out of the total generated in 2021 was taken up by companies from the Transport pillar.