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State Assets Manager

Slovenian Sovereign Holding (SSH) is a Slovenian fully state-owned company, which has the largest portfolio of state capital assets in Slovenia and manages the state’s ownership interests in more than 50 companies. Our portfolio covers a broad spectrum of industries in Slovenia of which the largest share represents the following pillars: energy, finance, traffic, transport and infrastructure, general economic sector & tourism. Since the end of 2012, the most important activity of SSH has been the active management of capital assets held in the ownership of SSH and the Republic of Slovenia, as well as running the privatisation processes, settling of State’s liabilities, and denationalisation. By acquiring the BAMC at the end of 2022, SSH has also acquired two new business activities; specifically, the claims management and the management of immovable and movable assets. These assets are now owned by SSH.


Core business

Managing the state's capital assets

Disposing of and acquiring capital investments in accordance with the Annual Asset Management Plan and exercising the rights of a shareholder or member or founder.

Receivable management and corporate restructuring

Acquisition, disposal and other forms of management of SSH‘s receivables and participation in corporate restructuring.

Denationalisation and settlement of liabilities

Participation in proceedings under ZDen for the determination of compensation for confiscated assets and the settlement of liabilities on behalf of and for the account of SSH.

Settlement of obligations under ZSPOZ, ZIOOPZP and ZVVJTO on behalf of and for the account of the RS.

Property management

Disposal and other forms of management of immovable and movable property owned by SSH.

Basic data 

Company name Slovenian Sovereign Holding 
Registered office Mala ulica 5, post box: 139, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Telephone ++386 (0)1 300 91 13
Fax ++386 (0)1 300 91 00
E-mail address:
Registration entry 1/21883/00; Ljubljana District Court
Date of incorporation 19 February 1993
VAT Registration Number SI46130373
Registration number 5727847000
Share capital 301,765,982.30 EUR

President of the Management Board:

Žiga Debeljak, MSc

Member of the Management Board: Janez Tomšič

SSH's Articles of Association

The Articles of Association, inter alia, determine the following:

  • objects of the SSH
  • share capital of the SSH
  • composition and operation of SSH's bodies (the Management Board, the Supervisory Board and the General Meeting of shareholders)
  • assets to cover the SSH's liabilities
  • assets for the SSH's operation
  • SSH's Annual Report, net profit and reserves
  • publications and notification
  • business secret and prohibition on competition
  • SSH's legal documents

Articles of Association