News 11. 6. 2014

Slovenian Sovereign Holding has become fully operational

Today, on 11 June 2014, a resolution on the registration of the Articles of Association of Slovenian Sovereign Holding has been issued by the registration court. In accordance with ZSDH-1, the continuation of all public powers, competences, rights and obligations held by Slovenska odškodninska družba (SOD) until its reformation has been provided for and granted to Slovenian Sovereign Holding (SDH). SDH has also assumed all task previously carried out by SOD.


SDH will strive to continue in the pursuit of the highest professional and ethical standards. SDH will perform an important and complex task related to the corporate governance of assets held in direct and indirect ownership of SDH and the Republic of Slovenia, while also settling all liabilities due to denationalisation beneficiaries and beneficiaries of compensation pursuant to other legal basis.


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