News 3. 1. 2023

The Bank Assets Management Company (BAMC) is merged into the Slovenian Sovereign Holding (SSH)

Ljubljana, 3 January 2023 - By entering the merger in the Slovenian Business Register on 30 December 2022, all activities for the merger of the BAMC into SSH, which had been carried out in an intense manner over the last few months, were successfully completed.


Pursuant to Article 36(1) of the Act Regulating Measures of the Republic of Slovenia to Strengthen the Stability of Banks (ZUKSB), the BAMC ceased to exist as a legal entity as of 30 December 2022. Pursuant to Article 36(3) of the said Act, all assets as well as rights and obligations of the BAMC shall be transferred to Slovenian Sovereign Holding on the date of the BAMC’s termination. Acting in the capacity of the BAMC's universal successor, SSH enters into all legal relationships previously entered into by and between the BAMC and the third parties.


The legal succession was carried out in the form of a simplified merger of the BAMC into SSH. In addition to ZUKSB, the following acts and legal instruments provide the legal bases for the above-mentioned merger: the Companies Act, the Decree on the legal succession of the BAMC, the executed Merger Agreement and the approved Resolutions of the SSH General Meeting.


By acquiring the BAMC, SSH has also acquired two new business activities; specifically, the claims management and the management of immovable and movable assets. 

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