News 29. 6. 2022

The Supervisory Board and the President of the Management Board, Dr Janez Žlak, conclude an agreement on the early termination of his term of office

On 28 June 2022, the Supervisory Board of Slovenian Sovereign Holding (SSH) and the President of the Management Board, Dr Janez Žlak, concluded an agreement on the early termination of his term of office. The term of office of the President of the Management Board will expire on 31 August 2022, while the two current members of the Management Board will remain on the Management Board. This has also ensured that operations and decision-making system will run smoothly.

The SSH Supervisory Board thanked the President of the Management Board for his good work during his term of office and wished him further successful career in the future. In view of the early termination of the Management Board President’s term of office, the SSH Supervisory Board instructed the Supervisory Board’s Nomination Committee to carry out all the necessary activities to appoint a new President of the SSH Management Board in accordance with ZSDH-1.

After signing the agreement, Dr. Janez Žlak said: “I managed SSH amid a rapidly changing economic environment which affected the performance results of the SSH's portfolio. However, despite the challenging circumstances, we managed to meet expectations and exceed the governance targets set for 2021. Through the recommendations issued, the Supervisory Board Guide and the update of the Corporate Governance Code, we have substantially upgraded and improved our corporate governance practices in the recent period, and also promoted sustainable operations and green transformation of the companies through the expectations set out in the Annual Asset Management Plan. We have also implemented important projects relating to the tourism strategy and supported strategic companies in achieving their objectives through our decisions made. I am confident that the institution has a strong professional foundation to develop further and to ensure good asset management performance and that the right conditions are in place for the good work of the Management Board to be continued. As I close my mandate, I would like to thank all the key stakeholders of SSH for their cooperation, and with whom we have built constructive relationships and ensured their involvement in our work throughout the term of office". 

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