News 23. 8. 2019

President of SSH Management Board Appointed

For the purpose of appointing the President of the SSH Management Board, the Nomination Committee of the SSH Supervisory Board had carried out the procedure for selecting suitable candidates to assume the position of the President of the SSH Management Board, in accordance with ZSDH-1 and in cooperation with the international HR agency, Profil d.o.o.

The Nomination Committee is composed of all of the members of the SSH Supervisory Board.

From 38 selected candidates, 10 potential candidates were invited to take part in the procedure. Four potential candidates were short-listed; the mentioned HR agency and the Nomination Committee carried out structured interviews with all of these candidates and their assessment was performed. Following the interviews and after the candidates' assessment was made, taking into account the candidates' experience, other statutory requirements to be satisfied by the President of the SSH Management Board, and considering the Rules on Management Board Member Selection, Gabriel Škof was proposed by the Nomination Committee to be appointed by the SSH Supervisory Board as the President of the SSH Management Board. In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, the personal details of other candidates shall not be disclosed.

On the basis of an in-depth assessment of the selected candidates, considering their professional, strategic, operational and leadership  competences, as well as organisational and personal competences, in addition to specific skills, the SSH Supervisory Board has accepted the proposal of the Nomination Committee to appoint Gabriel Škof as the President of the Management Board; he will assume the position on 1 October 2019.

Mr. Škof holds the University Degree in Law and has passed the State Bar Examination. He is a manager with long-standing experience in insurance business and is familiar with portfolio management. Mr. Škof convinced the Committee with his personal presentation and with his perspective on the strategic management of state capital assets.

Andrej Božič submitted his resignation notice resigning from the position of the Member of the SSH Management Board Member today, taking effect on 1 December 2019. The SSH Supervisory Board accepted his resignation and invited the Nomination Committee to continue with the procedure to fill up the vacancy in the SSH Management Board.

Mr. Božić resigned from the position of the Member of the SSH Management Board since the appointment of the new President of the SSH Management Board ensures smooth operations of SSH, since, during his term of office, he carried out certain goals and projects set and as a result of his decision to focus on other challenges.

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