News 21. 9. 2018

Vanessa Grmek - New Member of SSH Management Board

On 21 September 2018, Ljubljana District Court decided to appoint Mrs. Vanessa Grmek as the Management Board Member of Slovenian Sovereign Holding (SSH). This will provide for the stability of operations and smooth implementation of all decisions necessary to be made by the SSH Management Board.
The proposal for the appointment to be carried out through the court order was given by the President of the SSH Supervisory Board on account of Dr. Andrej Bertoncelj's leaving the position of the SSH Management Board Member due to his appointment as the Minister of Finance of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia; this could result in the SSH Management Board lacking the required quorum. The possibility to temporarily appoint a Management Board Member through the Court in case of exceptional circumstances is provided for by Article 256 of ZGD-1. In the meantime, SSH Supervisory Board has published the international invitation to apply for job vacancy of SSH Management Board Member which will close on 24 September 2018. The SSH Supervisory Board's Nomination Committee will carry out all the necessary procedures to ensure a regular appointment of the SSH Management Board Members.
The term of office of a court-appointed Management Board Member is terminated when a new member is appointed to this position in accordance with the SSH Articles of Association and the Slovenian Sovereign Holding Act.
Vanessa Grmek (1975), holding a university degree in law (LL.B) obtained at the Faculty of Law, University of Maribor, bar exam and an MBA degree has managerial experience gained at work in the real sector and is experienced in corporate governance and in restructuring of state assets.
Prior to her appointment to the SSH Management Board Member, Mrs. Grmek held the position of the Assistant to the SSH Management Board responsible for the management of capital assets owned by RS and SSH.
Since 2012, she has been employed in institutions dealing with the management of capital assets, mostly holding the managerial positions: she was first the Director of the Legal Affairs at AUKN, the Executive Director of the Division for Strategic Assets in Energy Industry and the Head of the Department for the Restructuring of Capital Assets. 
Prior to that she worked in private sector, rendering advisory services in the field of corporate and labour law as well as management-related services and was employed at Droga Kolinska, d.d., for several years, specifically, holding the position of the Advisor to the President of the Management Board for four years.
She is also experienced in supervising companies (Supervisory Board Member of Pošta Slovenije) and holds a valid certificate issued by the Slovenian Directors' Association.

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