News 21. 4. 2017

SSH Appointed New Compliance Manager

Upon a prior consent by the Slovenian Sovereign Holding's Supervisory Board, the Management Board of Slovenian Sovereign Holding (SSH) has appointed a new Compliance Manager, Mr. Janez Saje, who will assume the function on 1 May  2017.


From among the candidates, who had applied to a job vacancy announcement of 10 March 2017, Mr. Janez Saje was selected as the most suitable candidate to assume the post of a Compliance Manager.


When selecting and appointing the Compliance Manager, SSH checked the satisfaction of statutory terms and conditions, and verified the candidate's professional competences. In accordance with the content of the job vacancy announcement, SSH obtained all the necessary statements provided by the candidate and prudently verified some important past occupations and functions. On the basis of the documents submitted and statements given, SSH concluded that the said candidate satisfies all conditions to be appointed to this function.


Mr. Janez Saje graduated in Economics and has more than 20 years of work experience in banking carrying out assignments at managerial and executive posts, and is also experienced in performing the function of a Supervisory Board Member. He was active in numerous professional fields, inter alia, in the field of treasury, risk management, contingent asset management, custody services and in the management of NLB Group. During his career, he acquired an in-depth knowledge of internal and external auditing and was also active in the fields of compliance of operations, ethical conduct and prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism.


In addition to the above mentioned, in 2014, he was assessed positively as a fit& proper person in accordance with the Banking Act (ZBan-2) and with the EBA Guidelines on the assessment of suitability of members of  the management body and key function holders. The competence and suitability of members is based on international methodology and is assessed according to the following criteria: experience, reputation, conflict of interest, independence, time required for the performance of a function, and collective suitability which present an integrated framework for a good quality assessment of a candidate.


In light of extensive experience in the field of compliance of operations and considering actual work experience in this regard and long-standing varied managerial and executive experience in a large banking institution, the appointment of Mr. Janez Saje will have an important contribution for a successful performance of all tasks carried out by SSH in the field of compliance management.


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