News 24. 4. 2017

Igor Kržan Is New Member of Supervisory Board of Slovenian Sovereign Holding

Ljubljana, 24 April 2017 – Today, Slovenian Sovereign Holding received a Decision of the Ljubljana District Court by way of which Igor Kržan has been appointed a member of the Supervisory Board of Slovenian Sovereign Holding (SSH). The term of office shall last until a new member and/or members of the SSH's Supervisory Board is/are appointed by responsible institutions in a regular procedure. On the basis of the documentation submitted which included all the required statements, the Court determined that legitimate interest had been demonstrated for the appointment mentioned and that a member proposed for the appointment satisfies all the criteria required to be appointed a member of the SSH's Supervisory Board, in accordance with the Companies Act (ZGD-1) and the Slovenian Sovereign Holding Act (ZSDH-1).



In April 2017, the President of the Slovenian Sovereign Holding's Supervisory Board, Mr. Damjan Belič, lodged a proposal for a member of the SSH's Supervisory Board to be appointed by the Court, in accordance with Article 256 of ZGD-1. The term of office of a court-appointed Supervisory Board Member is terminated when a new member is appointed to this position under a special procedure stipulated by the Slovenian Sovereign Holding Act.


Currently, the Supervisory Board of Slovenian Sovereign Holding consists of three members: Damjan Belič, President, Duško Kos, Deputy President, and Dr Barbara Smolnikar, Member. The President of the SSH's Supervisory Board had made a decision for having a Supervisory Board Member be appointed by the Court on the account of future decisions to be made in connection with the disposal of capital assets held in NLB in which case only two Supervisory Board Members would make decisions as Dr Barbara Smolnikar consistently abstains herself from receiving material, taking part in discussion and in decision-making in regard to NLB on account of a potential conflict of interest.


As it is known, the procedure for the appointment of two new members of the Slovenian Sovereign Holding's Supervisory Board pursued in accordance with ZSDH-1 in March of 2017 was not successful which is why responsible institutions will repeat the entire procedure.


Igor Kržan holds the University Degree in Economics and has completed an MBA and has extensive experience in the field of running and managing companies. Since last year, he has been a co-owner and a director of Aluplus, d.o.o., and prior to that he held the position of the President of the Management Board of Trimo, d.d., dealing with an intensive corporate restructuring which was completed successfully, providing for a positive turnaround of operations and for the sale of the company. He held several executive functions in Ursa Slovenija, d.o.o. in which he played a major role in restructuring and supervising the restructuring of several companies in Italy, Slovenia, Turkey and Romania. In his career, he also worked in pharmaceutical industry, specifically, for Krka, both in Slovenia and abroad, thus obtaining important international experience. He holds a certificate on being qualified for rendering the services of a Supervisory Board and Management Board member.


In light of his diverse knowledge, extensive experience, capabilities and considering his successful work performance and his personal integrity, Igor Kržan is a suitable member of the Supervisory Board of SSH.


Damjan Belič, President of the Supervisory Board of Slovenian Sovereign Holding

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