News 28. 2. 2017

SSH Supervisory Board Appointed Mrs Glavina as SSH President of Management Board

On 22 February 2017,  the Supervisory Board of Slovenian Sovereign Holding concluded the selection procedure for the appointment of the President and the Member of the Management Board of Slovenian Sovereign Holding.


On the basis of an in-depth assessment of candidates, considering their professional, strategic, operational and leadership competences, as well as organisational and personal competences, in addition to specific skills, the SSH Supervisory Board has appointed Mrs. Lidija Glavina as the most suitable candidat  to assume the office of the President of the Management Board; on the other hand, no candidate from among the candidates, who applied for the vacant job, has been appointed as the Member of the SSH Management Board. The new procedure for the selection of a Member of the SSH Management Board will be initiated by the SSH Supervisory Board after the said Supervisory Board is complemented by the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia, however, not later than at the April session of the SSH Supervisory Board.


Prior to the appointment, Mrs. Glavina had submitted her letter of resignation from the post of a Member of SSH Supervisory Board, in addition to a written statement, specifying that there were no circumstances which would oppose her appointment under the provisions of the Companies Act and the Slovenian Sovereign Holding Act. 


Mrs. Lidia Glavina who has been appointed for the term of office of 4 years holds a degree in economics and has long-standing experience in managing large business systems. Since 15 July 2016, she had been carrying out the function of a Temporary President of the SSH Management Board (prior to that, specifically, since July 2015, she had held the position of a Member of the SSH Supervisory Board while ceasing to perform the duties of the Member of the SSH Supervisory Board with the appointment to the SSH Management Board). In the past, she used to hold executive positions for more than 10 years in Electrolux Group, with the headquarters for the European region located in Belgium, and was a Financial Director of Husquvarna Forest&Garden in Slovenia.

Mrs Lidija Glavina demonstrates a positive attitude. She approaches the decision-making  by focusing on logical arguments, objective data and measurable facts. She is open to changes and innovations and addresses stress situations with efficiency. As a leader, she acts in an inclusive and integrative manner. The suitable level which has been demonstrated in regard to the compatibility between the President of the Management Board and the existing Member of the Management Board is also important, together with their recent successful team-work in the management of the Company.


In selecting and appointing the President and the Member of the SSH Management Board, the SSH Supervisory Board checked the satisfaction of statutory terms and conditions, as well as the meeting of other criteria and competences.

The Supervisory Board has assessed that Mrs Lidija Glavina, together with the  current Member of the Management Board, Mrs. Nada Drobne Popovič, MSc., and considering her knowledge, 

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