News 13. 10. 2016

Public invitation for submitting statement of interest for capital increase in Polzela, d.d.

Following the successful capital increase of Polzela, d.d., undertaken in August 2016 which had amounted to EUR 2.1 million, by way of which the Slovenian Sovereign Holding  (hereinafter referred to as: "SSH") and the Republic of Slovenia (hereinafter referred to as: "RS") have become a 100% owner of Polzela, SSH, in cooperation with Polzela, has launched the procedure, seeking for a long-term investor who may provide Polzela with additional capital, ensure its further development, provide knowledge and know-how and access to new markets. 


SSH hereby invites all the interested investors to submit their expression of interest for the increase in share capital of Polzela, which is estimated to amount to EUR 2.2 million whereby it is envisaged that the pre-emption right of the existing shareholders in regard to the subscription of new shares will be excluded ("Procedure for Share Capital Increase"). The Procedure for Share Capital Increase will be conducted as a one phase process with binding offers to be submitted after the due diligence of Polzela is performed. On the basis of the subscription and the paying-up of new shares in the envisaged amount/value, the selected investor will acquire more than 50-percent ownership stake of Polzela.


The core business of Polzela is the manufacture and the sale of fine hosiery, female, male, children and sports socks and stockings. Polzela has two affiliates, specifically, Polzela Čarape Zagreb and Polzela Čarape Sarajevo. There were 220 employees employed at the parent company as of the end of June 2016. Polzela manufactures its products under its own and European fashion brands, selling them in 20 proprietary shops in Slovenia and Croatia. 


Basic information regarding Procedure for Share Capital Increase as envisaged:

The interested investors will submit their statement of interest to participate in the above mentioned procedure for the increase in share capital by requesting the teaser about Polzela (hereinafter referred to as: "the Teaser") and the Non-Disclosure Agreement (hereinafter referred to as: "the NDA Agreement") via e-mail by contacting the following e-mail addresses:


The deadline for the submission of the statement of interest is 28 October 2016 by 12 a.m.


After signing the NDA Agreement, the interested investors will receive the necessary information regarding the Procedure for Share Capital Increase ("the Process Letter") and they will be enabled to carry out the due diligence of the Company in order to obtain information about Polzela which will serve as the basis for drawing up their binding offers.


Additional Information on Procedure for Share Capital Increase:

Domestic and foreign legal entities and individuals may take part in the Procedure for Share Capital Increase.


SSH reserves the right, at any time and in any respect, without giving notice of reason or submitting any notification, to decline the participation of any interested investor and to amend or to terminate the Procedure for Share Capital Increase.


The contact persons mentioned above have available all information in relation to the said procedure. 

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