News 13. 9. 2016

Preparatory Activities for Sale of NLB under IPO Method to Continue

Preparations for the IPO of NLB continue in line with predetermined strategy, aiming to complete the sale by the end of 2017.


During this short four-month period of preparatory activities, a significant step forward has been achieved by NLB aiming at a thorough preparation for a successful IPO. The most significant action includes the recent adoption of the amended 2020 NLB Group Strategy, which the bank's management considers as the necessary foundation for improving the bank's performance and its short-term and medium-term competitive position. The NLB Group half-year financial report highlights the bank's improved profitability and its solid progress towards reduction of non-performing loans.


The decision on the timing of the IPO launch will be made taking into account all the relevant factors, together with the bank’s full-year results, with the objective of maximising the value for the Republic of Slovenia and consequently receiving the highest return for the State from the bank’s 2013 recapitalisation.

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