News 27. 10. 2015

SSH Management Board Discharged and New Board Appointed by SSH Supervisory Board

The Slovenian Sovereign Holding's Management Board, composed by Matej Pirc and Matej Runjak, was discharged by the SSH Supervisory Board yesterday. At the same time, the new Management Board members were appointed, specifically, Mr Marko Jazbec asf the President of the Management Board, and Mrs Anja Strojin Štampar and Mrs Nada Drobne Popovič, MSc, as members of the Management Board.


A 5-member Nomination Committee was appointed by the Supervisory Board to manage and run the procedure and to formulate a proposal of best-fit candidates.  An international invitation to apply for the job vacancy was published by the said Committee in accordance with provisions of ZSDH-1, which resulted in 46 candidate applications which had been submitted in due time. An external consultancy company was selected on the basis of offers received for carrying out the top executive candidate evaluation process and the applications of 20 candidates, which had been preliminary reviewed and determined as satisfying formal conditions required, were assessed on the basis of international professional standards and criteria. On the basis of an expert opinion given by the consultancy group and following the interviews held with individual candidates, the proposal for the President of the Management Board and Members was formulated by the Nomination Committee and submitted to the SSH Supervisory Board.


Prior to appointing the Management Board, the Supervisory Board dedicated special attention to verifying the experience obtained by individual candidates in the fields of corporate governance, management and restructuring and disposition of capital asset, and the knowledge of foreign languages and personal competences. This is particularly important considering the role of SSH in iplementing the Ordinance on State Assets Management Strategy, managing capital assets held by SSH and in carrying out other duties held by SSH in regard to denationalisation and required by other regulations.


On the basis of the above mentioned, at the 2nd extraordinary session held on 26 October 2015, the current SSH Management Board was discharged from the office and new Management Board members were appointed. They are:  Mr Marko Jazbec,  the President of the Management Board,   Anja Strojin Stampar, Member of the Management Board, and Nada Drobne Popovic, Member of the Management Board. The Board was appointed for the 4 year term of office.


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