News 21. 8. 2015

Process of Sale of Majority Shareholding in Cinkarna Celje Has Come to a Close

Members of Selling Consortium, Slovenian Sovereign Holding, Alpen Invest, NKBM, BAMC, KD Funds, and Modra zavarovalnica, has decided that the sales process for the sale of the majority shareholding in Cinkarna Celje has closed.


The decision on the closure of the sale process was adopted as a result of the lack of satisfactory bids that would have met the expectations of the majority of the members of the Selling Consortium. The sale process had.revealed that there are important environmental issues involved with the operation of the company which have a significant impact on the competitiveness of the sale process itself and on the bidding price.


The members of the Selling Consortium will continue to seek for solutions to solve the issues identified, thus enabling the sale of shares under improved conditions.


The sale process of a 72.88% shareholding in Cinkarna Celje was managed by Modra zavarovalnica and KD Funds, on behalf of the members of the Consortium.


Members of Selling Consortium 


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