Disposition of Capital Assets and Sale of SOEs 

Capital Assets held for sale.

Sale of capital assets

Disclaimer: The information below does not constitute any invitation or offer to sell, invest in or trade, nor does it constitute any invitation to place any offer to purchase, invest in or trade the securities. The information presented herein is up to date as on the date of publication. 


Activities in connection with the sale of capital assets held by RS and SSH are planned for assets for which sales activities are envisaged in the Annual Asset Management Plan, which is approved by the RS Government.

Proceeds arising from the sale of capital assets held by RS are transferred to the RS's budget while proceeds arising from the sale of capital assets held by SSH are intended for SSH to be used for settling its liabilities to beneficiaries under the Denationalisation Act, the Cooperatives Act and other regulations governing the denationalisation of property.

Presented below is the list of capital assets owned by RS and SSH envisaged to be sold in an individual year. The list is being updated.

When you wish to express your interest to acquire any of the stated capital assets or obtain additional information in connection with the process for the sale of capital assets, you are invited to submit your interest by post, fax or via the following e-mail address: prodajanalozb@sdh.si.


An indicative outline of state-owned enterprises for which sales activities have been planned to be taken in 2022

Capital investment RS ownership stake (%) SSH ownership stake (%)
A.L.P. PECA D.O.O. 9.09  
M1, D.D.* 0.00  
CETIS D.D.   7,47

Note: *Equity holding which exists in the company is lower than 0.005%.

SSH allows for the possibility that subject to market opportunities, considering liquidity needs and taking into account other circumstances, on the basis of the adopted Annual Asset Management Plan, sales activities will be pursued for other capital assets held by RS and/or SSH which belong to the group of portfolio assets, when given the circumstances in connection with the operation of these companies, market conditions, business and regulatory environments and other factors, it is assessed that it is reasonable to launch the above mentioned activities.

In 2022, SSH will also pursue activities in connection with the sale of capital assets which RS has acquired or is to acquire on the basis of the Inheritance Act. The list of the said assets is accessible on the SSH's web site.​