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Sale of state-owned enterprises in 2017


The document presents the plan for the disposition of capital assets owned by the Republic of Slovenia and SSH in 2017, specifically:

  • assets whose disposal has been approved by way of the consent on 21 June 2013 granted by the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia,
  • assets in regard to which individual asset management annual plan has already been approved by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and
  • assets which are subject to the Asset Management Annual Plan 2017.


An indicative review of state-owned enterprises for which activities have been planned to be taken in 2017 aiming at their sale is presented below.


Company RS ownership stake (%) SSH ownership stake (%)
1. ABANKA, D.D. 100.00  
2. CASINO BLED, D.D.   43.00
3. CASINO PORTOROŽ, D.D.*   9.46
4. CETIS, D. D.   7.47
5. CIMOS, D.D. 24.26  
6. GEOPLIN, D.O.O. 39.57 0.05
8. HIT, D.D.*   20.00
9. INKOS, D.O.O. 2.54  
10. INTEREUROPA, D. D.   1.73
11. INTERTRADE ITA, D.D.   7.69
12. KDD D.D.   19.23
14. NLB, D.D. 100.00  
15. PALOMA, D.D. 0.01 70.97
16. SAVAPROJEKT, D.D. 3.34  
17. TELEMACH ROTOVŽ, D.D. 1.10  
18. TOPLOTNA OSKRBA, D.O.O. 49.17  
19. UNIOR, D. D.   39.42
20. VARNOST SISTEMI, D.O.O.   9.74


*Amendments to Gaming Act are necessary to be undertaken prior to the launch of any activities.