Purpose of the web site


This is the main web site of Slovenian Sovereign Holding ("SDH"). Its purpose is to enable the wider public to obtain as much data and information as possible. As a result, the site is designed in a simple and transparent manner, following the widely established standards with as few graphical accessories as possible so that access is also possible in poor technical conditions.


Responsibility of Slovenian Sovereign Holding


All pieces of information and material published on www.sdh.si  are solely of an informative nature. Everybody at SDH strives for the best possible operation of the web site but no responsibility or guarantees can be assumed for its smooth functioning. All users use the web site: www.sdh.si at their own risk. Although the greatest care is employed in collecting information published on this web site and all measures have been taken to ensure its accuracy, completeness and up-to-date nature, SDH is completely free of any criminal and civil responsibility for material and legal errors in regard to information and is not to be held accountable for any direct or indirect damage or inconvenience which might be incurred on the part of the user as a result of inability to use information or owing to the use of potentially wrong or incomplete information or documents that might appear on SDH's web site. If SDH is alerted to any errors, they will be removed as fast as possible.<0}

The contents of the site are of an informative nature which is why SDH shall be free from any responsibility or liability for the accuracy and completeness of data published and any potential damage that might be incurred to a user as a result of using information on the web site.


A user is advised to verify the data at another relevant source or to consult an expert in case of making an important or even irreversible decision on the basis of data published on SDH's web site.


Data on companies which are published on the web page has been obtained from the publicly accessible sources of data and directly from the company (the right to the data obtained is recognized to all other shareholders and must be provided in a suitable manner by a company). Data does not represent internal information within the meaning of Article 373 of the Financial Instruments Market Act. Eventual indicative assessments of value are of an informative nature only which are not binding in any way and do not indicate any conduct or decisions made by SDH. Data and information do not represent a recommendation or a piece of advice for personal investment decisions or other conduct or an offer or an invitation to submit an offer for the purchase of shares or shareholdings directly or indirectly owned by the Republic of Slovenia.


The web site: www.sdh.si may include links to other web sites of companies and private individuals for which SDH assumes no responsibility for their content, form and modifications entered on these sites or for their potential website user policy.


Products, services and all piece of information included or accessed from this web site are available as "read only" and may be modified or removed at any time without any prior notice.


Web site security


The content published is not of a confidential nature and it is neutral in terms of moral, religious or any other restraints which is why no special and secure methods of access for the protection of privacy on communication pathways between the server and users are used.


All available knowledge, care and available means are dedicated for the safety of the web site and its users.