SSH Methods for Asset Management


The Management Boards of companies owned by the Slovenian Sovereign Holding (SSH) and the Republic of Slovenia are responsible for operating results and consequently for the companies’ performance, whereas the Supervisory Boards are responsible for an efficient supervision over the operations and the work carried out by the Management Boards. As a responsible and diligent asset manager, the SSH will manage these assets and consider the performance of companies in the following manner:


  • by conducting regular interviews with Supervisory Boards and/or Management Boards of companies (all members of both corporate bodies will be invited). Such meetings will enable a more direct discussion on current issues and a faster determination of measures for the resolution of potential problems,
  • by providing potential feedback from SSH to companies which may include a submitted written document together with comments and recommendations and viewpoints in regard to the company’s future operations and the achievement of the set goals,
  • by organizing meetings when unexpected but particularly significant events may arise which may have an impact to the achievement of the set goals and the value of a company,
  • by taking measures in a case of serious lagging behind the approved business plan: SSH will demand from the Supervisory Board and the Management Board to provide SSH with an instant information regarding the situation and reasons for its occurrence, together with a list of adopted and envisaged measures for the improvement of the situation; SSH will also require from the Boards to regularly inform SSH on the progress in the implementation of these measures ,
  • when necessary, by applying other methods for the obtaining of information which will contribute to have a better insight into operations (as for example, cooperation with auditors).



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