SSH's tasks and objectives

On its own behalf and for the account of the Republic of Slovenia, SSH exercises corporate rights in compliance with SSH and in accordance with the legal form of the company with direct and indirect shareholdings of the Republic of Slovenia, comprising inter alia the following tasks:

  • taking part at General Meetings of companies and voting on behalf of shares or shareholdings of the Republic of Slovenia, SSH,
  • providing for the exercise of other rights of a shareholder such as the convocation of General Meetings, extensions of agenda, application for an extraordinary audit and lodging of compensation claims and similar,
  • taking care of legal protection of its rights as a shareholder or partner and representing the Republic of Slovenia and SSH as a shareholder or partner in administrative procedures, judiciary proceedings and other procedures,
  • in terms of the content, providing a suitable assessment of individual proposals of resolutions and taking care of the observance of the Code's provisions in procedures regarding the management of companies,
  • developing a suitably designed and transparent procedure regarding the accreditation, nomination and selection of candidates for members of Supervisory Boards,
  • ensuring that the remuneration systems for members of Supervisory Boards of companies with capital assets of the Republic of Slovenia will satisfy the long-term interests of companies as well as attracting and encouraging qualified experts,
  • in compliance with applicable regulations, establishing systems of reporting to enable the protection of the interests of the Republic of Slovenia and SSH as a shareholder or partner, and mechanisms for the evaluation of management systems in individual companies,
  • maintaining a permanent dialogue with external auditors and the relevant national supervisory authority,
  • encouraging and within the scope of its rights providing for good systems of corporate governance of individual companies with state capital assets,
  • disposing of individual capital assets, within the scope and in a manner as prescribed by the SSHA and the Decision of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia on Granting the Consent for the Disposal of Capital Assets of the Republic of Slovenia, Kapitalska družba pokojninskega in invalidskega zavarovanja d.d. (Pension Fund Management), Slovenska odškodninska družba d.d., Modra zavarovalnica d.d., D.S.U., družba za svetovanje in upravljanje, d.o.o. and Posebna družba za podjetniško svetovanje d.d.

Objectives of SSH

The most important objective of the SSH's operation in the field of capital assets management is to achieve a level of corporate governance so as to contribute to the attainment of better operating results of companies with capital assets owned by the Republic of Slovenia and SSH and consequently to the increase of their assets, both in terms of dividend income and in terms of the value of the capital asset.

For the attainment of its goals, SSH will strive to improve good practice of corporate governance in a manner to pursue the long-term interests of companies which may be solely economic, and the national and strategic goals, a combination of both and at the same time oriented towards the sustainable development of companies and the establishment of such an ownership structure as will provide efficient management, competitiveness and successful development in the long term.

During the privatisation phase, SSH will pursue the goal of achieving the best result from the proceeds of sale and will ensure the attainment of macroeconomic goals, specifically, the attainment of permanent and stable growth of the economy, the improvement of the quality and capacity of public services and the provision of a more successful and more competitive economic system.