Corporate governance

The management of SSH is based on the applicable legislation in the Republic of Slovenia, internal legal documents and on good practices in corporate governance. The company has a two-tier corporate governance system with the Management Board running the company and the Supervisory Board providing for the control and supervision of the Management Board's work. The General Meeting of the Company represents the Republic of Slovenia and the Government represents the Republic of Slovenia on its behalf.

ZSDH-1 - Slovenian Sovereign Holding Act

SSH's bodies are:


Supervisory Board's Consultation Bodies


Audit Commission

In accordance with Article 43 of ZSDH-1, the Audit Commission is appointed by the SSH Supervisory Board. Provisions of the law regulating companies shall fully apply to the Audit Commission. The members of the Audit Commission are: link.


Risk Commission

In accordance with Article 43 of ZSDH-1, the Risk Commission is appointed by the SSH Supervisory Board. In regard to the Commission’s composition, provisions of the law regulating companies in the section regulating the Audit Commission shall apply by analogy to the Risk Commission.


The Risk Commission is a consulting body which, pursuant to Article 43 of ZSDH-1 and the Risk Management Policy, formulates expert opinions on the established risk management system and proposes its improvements. The Risk Management Policy is prepared by the Company’s Management Board and it is endorsed by the Supervisory Board. The members of the Risk Commission are: link.


Supervisory Board Nomination Committee 

In accordance with Article 43 of ZSDH-1, the Nomination Committee was established for the purposes of appointing the members of the SSH Management Board. 


Management Board's Consultation Bodies


Nomination Committee of SSH (KK)

In accordance with the Slovenian Sovereign Holding Act (ZSDH-1) (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 25/2014), the Nomination Committee is the Slovenian Sovereign Holding Management Board's consultation body in charge of performing recruitment procedures related to the recruitment of members of supervisory bodies of state-owned enterprises, the procedures for the candidates ' evaluation and the procedures for their accreditation. 


The Expert Committee for Economic and Social Affairs (ECESA)

The ECESA is the SSH Management Boar's consultation body responsible for providing opinions and initiatives related to the economic and social affairs. Link



SSH's Articles of Association

The Articles of Association, inter alia, determine the following:

  • objects of the SSH
  • share capital of the SSH
  • composition and operation of SSH's bodies (the Management Board, the Supervisory Board and the General Meeting of shareholders)
  • assets to cover the SSH's liabilities
  • assets for the SSH's operation
  • SSH's Annual Report, net profit and reserves
  • publications and notification
  • business secret and prohibition on competition
  • SSH's legal documents

The text of the Articles of Association (in pdf.)